I am a calligrapher who started this hobby since 2014. I have always loved writing, as in writing articles/stories instead of lettering like what I’m doing now. When I was first introduced to modern calligraphy, I was in love with the coexistence of aesthetic vibe in the letterings. My calligraphy style focuses on modern minimalism with a touch of elegance and chicness. My passion towards cultures enables my work to connect with people on a unique personal level and tell stories through lettering.


The Rushing Water is another way of saying “river”. River brings life; swarms of living creatures inhabit wherever the river flows – leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. It is a genuine hope that my work can bring love and life to the important occasions in people’s life journey, such as wedding, birthday, anniversary, and more. This can, as well, be a way to bless and connect with people around me. 


Each product of The Rushing Water is uniquely designed after communication with clients. Countering the ‘fast-culture’ today, handwriting and custom designs are almost like stepping back to the old ways of communication, which is simple yet beautiful.