I have taught hundreds of students and I enjoyed every workshop moment! - Dora

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Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Workshop 


The intermediate modern calligraphy workshop is designed for those who have taken Dora's beginner class or a similar beginner's modern calligraphy class using an oblique pointed pen. In this workshop, students will be challenged with a series of exercises as we dive further into technique and style development, working with flexible nibs, using more advanced inks (like gouache and watercolors — including Finetec metallic), an intro to adding flourishes and composition, and troubleshooting tricky materials. We will also cover working on different types of paper. In this intimate class setting, you will be able to ask individual questions about any issues that you may be having with your calligraphy in addition to the group class. One-on-one guidance and evaluation is also included in class. Each student will leave with a curated supply kit (worth approx. $280) to take home and use continue to hone your calligraphy practice.


The workshop will include two flexible nibs, a pan of Finetec metallic water color, a bottle of white ink, different types of papers, and a practice packet. No pen holder will be provided in the class, so please remember to bring your own pen holder. I encourage you to bring your favorite supplies to the workshop! Do you have a beloved dip pen, a favorite watercolor palette, or an ink that you’ve been having trouble with? Don’t hesitate to bring it/them!


31 March 2019 (SUN)



1:00-4:00 pm (please have lunch before and try to avoid coffee if that makes your hands shake)



Ho Sze Kwong, 59, Hung To Road, Kwun Tong

Beginner Modern Calligraphy Small Group Workshop

(Dip Pen)

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Beginner Modern Calligraphy Group Workshop

(Dip Pen)

If you have always appreciated beautiful handwritings and would love to learn modern calligraphy, the workshop is perfect for you. Specially created for beginners, this workshop will give you the basics of modern calligraphy and a take-home supply kit (include a pen holder; 2 nibs; speedball super black ink;  dinky dip; alphabet exemplar; teaching notes; practice sheets; canvas stationery case; heavy weight card).


The workshop will cover the essentials of modern calligraphy, practice drills, lowercase alphabet, the basics of connecting letters and works, and few tricks to make sure your calligraphy experience goes as smooth as possible.

Date and Time

Class A

19 April 2019  (Fri)

2:00 - 4:30 pm

Class B

24 April 2019  (Wed)

7:00 - 9:30 pm


​a nice place to, 17-19 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong



$720 per person 


Send inbox message to a nice place to's Facebook page or email to aniceplaceto@gmail.com (please leave your name, contact number, email address, class date and time)

Private Session for Bridal Shower / Special Events

If you are looking for something special and meaningful to do on a bridal shower; a friend gathering; or any kind of celebration, why not book a private session of calligraphy lesson with us? 

Course content will be tailor-made for your special event.

Some ideas you may like:

• Agate slices calligraphy workshop

• Place cards calligraphy workshop

• Embossing workshop on ceramic cups

• Others!


Dora from The Rushing Water will be hosting the modern calligraphy workshops.


I will be teaching all the basics and practice how to do a modern calligraphy with brush pen, dip pen and ink (depending on the course enrolled). We'll go over all the basic strokes, lettering, and words.


As a self-learner to calligraphy, I do not have any mentor/teacher, which means I made a lot of mistakes before getting it right. There are so many things I wished I would have done differently that would made my learning a more efficient and enjoyable experience, which is why I would love to teach you how I wish I tackled modern calligraphy!


Supply kit will be provided.


I look forward to seeing you there!