I have an unspeakable passion towards culture and travel. I believe every nation and tribe are unique in their own way, shining beautifully in the global village. Learning local culture and custom never fail to fascinate me, and I love and treasure the connection made with locals and travelers alike along my way. It brings enormous joy and satisfaction in my life. 

Traveling is a journey and a process discovery and learning, in which I learn how to treat people like people, to look through their faces, races, religions, expressions, actions into their true self, to appreciate the beauty within them. With a belief that no story is too ordinary to tell, I collect stories from the people I met along my way - taxi drivers, café owners, hostel owners, travel companions, and more. Knowing their story, with the unique cultural trajectory behind, fills me with humbleness and compassion all the time, reminding me that there are so many things that I do not know and how vibrant the world is. 

I struggled for long time whether I should incorporate this travel blog section into my website, since this isn't quite part of the calligraphy design work. But apparently I have decided to do so, so that I can share with you about my wonderful encounters throughout the journeys.